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But I can tell stories that most can hardly dream.

New York City. Commuting. Live music and late nights. Anglophile. Random streets. Good friends.
Frank Turner. New York Mets. Cornetto Trilogy. Whovian. Nerding.
Of all the money that e're I spent,
I spent it in good company...


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31 December 12

2012 In Photos (Part 2)

1. adventures with Hindi
2. Philadelphia with Chris Gutierrez
3. hangs with Mr Met
4. doing the NY AIDS Walk with Linda and Team Living Louder
5. Coney Island with Brendan and Pete
6. met Patty in Times Square!
7. explored Howe Caverns
8. Baseball Hall Of Fame
9. June is a wizard who I love
10. kisses for Silvia with Steph in the background at the Cab show

  1. symphonysoldiers said: aw ILY VAL :*
  2. stephanienicole said: I just really love photo bombing haha
  3. valderie posted this